“I have had multiple sclerosis for 10years. I first came  to Max approx 6years ago with spasms and tremors in my right leg. A displaced right hip and paralysis in my left hand. My spinal cord is damaged.Recently after my MS flared  up which left me unable to walk due to caught spasms and paralysed and tremors in my leg , I came to Max again. One session of acupuncture and massage immediately calmed the spasms down. And I have been attending by monthly sessions to treat spasms since August . Along with physiotherapy, Max has his treatment greatly assisted me to get out of wheelchair  and each session improved my mobility and walking. Thank you for your help and for opening my eyes to non invasive , non chemical treatment to assist my health. Appreciate it”. Lynsey from South Shields

“ Having suffered with severe neck pain for 12 years and trying many various treatments, after only 7 visits for acupuncture and medical massage I am now totally pain free and my condition has significantly improved. My life has changed for the better. I certainly feel younger and fitter.”
Linda from South Shields

“ As a result of a car crash 30 years ago I suffered extreme pain and hair loss and was taking 16 pills a day. After treatment at the Chinese Doctor Clinic I can now walking without sticks and do not take any medication and as a result of herbal remedies my hair has fully grown back. This really works!!! ”
Jane from South Shields.

“One of the side effects of the treatment(Tamoxifen) I received for my breast cancer is severe hot sweats. After 3 months treatment from Dr Zhimin Ma, known as Max, they have completely gone. The treatment also helped with my asthma and has enabled me to reduce my inhalers by half and also I can do more for example 5 miles walks on a regular basis. It has totally changed my life. ”
Moira from Sunderland.

“Max, I am pleased I have found you. The result of treatment for my low fk rolex datejust mens rolex calibre 2813 16234 automatic energy and upper back pain are obvious. My daughter said I look much improved and I feel it too. Thank you for the acupuncture and herbal tea remedy. It really worked. I would recommend Max to anyone who has ailments. ”
Mr McAnn from East Boldon.

“Having been diagnosed with a kidney stone and finding no relief from strong pain killers. Max from the Chinese Doctor Clinic recommended a herbal tea and some acupuncture and within 5 days I had passed the kidney stone. The treatment also relieved my spondylosis, arthritis and sciatica. Highly recommended. ” David from Jarrow.

“I have been a patient of Mr Zhimin Ma for more than 2 years and during this time I have been very impressed by his professional manner and the caring and understanding approach when applying treatment. My experience is such that I can unreservedly recommend him to carry out both acupuncture and massage. My understanding is that he is well qualified to carry out this work since he has a medical master degree in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture from Nanjing University.”
Yours faithfully
Mr T Sealy from Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne

“I am female age 58 having received 7 sessions of acupuncture. My sciatica has completely gone. I had suffered very badly with great pain and now feel like I am a new woman . The sessions I went through were very relaxing and I enjoyed them very much. Dr Zhimin Ma(Max) was very good doctor in his treatment of me. I had been in great pain the first day I walked in to his clinic. I had treatment that eased the pain considerably and signed up for a course of 7 sessions. I was treated not just for the sciatica but the whole of my body. After having suffered in pain for 2 years, it is amazing I am now pain free, and have been for the last 5 weeks. I am truly recommend you sign up for treatment for whatever ails you have and I am telling all my friends to sign up as well.”
Yours truly Mrs L Phison from westerhope, Newcastle Upon Tyne

“Came to see Max about trying to conceive, went to do