zhiminMA Health and Wellbeing Centre was established by Mr Zhimin Ma,(known as Max) in 109 King Street, South Shields, Tyne and Wear in 2007. He is also working together with professional team in Saville Therapies Centre, College Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Professor Zhimin Ma is one of the most tag heuer carrera war201c ba0723 15mm mens 316 stainless steel acclaimed Chinese Medicine practitioners in his field. World renowned and with a highly respected reputation which spans the globe, Professor Ma has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he brings to his Clinic, situated in the centre of South Shields.

Professor Ma’s 8 years training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is of the highest calibre, having studied at two of the most prestigious universities in China.

Graduating from the ShanDong TCM University in 1985, he then went on hqd nuts tobacco to gain her Master’s degree in TCM prescriptions from NanJing TCM University in 1998.

Ma is fully qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),Acupuncture and Chinese Tui Na. He is fully insured health practitioner and has 36 years of clinical practice since 1986. He is Member of ATCM and Member of BAcC. As his client, he is supplying the first class medical services of acupuncture, herbal remedies and Tui Na deep tissue, tendons and bone manipulations, which are the best natural medical care and remedies to suit individual needs.